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  • Rapid Moisture Meter

    Rapid Moisture Meter

    An extensive range of Rapid Moisture Meter is offering by us to the customers as per IS 2720 (PART II) on 0-25% and 0-50% for quick determination of moisture content of material in powder form such as coal pottery slip, soil, sand , cement and many more. Acetylene gas is generated when Calcium carbide comes in contact with moisture. This principle is used in rapid moisture meter. A perfectly weighed quantity of samples is mixed with specific quantity of calcium carbide reagent and the whole mixture is thoroughly shaken in a vessel to which a pressure gauge is fixed. The acetylene gas that is produced develops pressure. The instrument specifies moisture on wet/weight basis and easily convertible to dry weight basis. It consists of a rubber sealing gasket, a pressure vessel with clamp for sealing cap, pressure gauge calibrated in percentage moisture content 0 -25% on wet weight basis, one bottle of reagent approx. 450 gram, a scoop for measuring carbide reagent, a counted poised balance for weighing sample, one cleaning brush, a steel balls for through mixing and wooden carrying box with handle.

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