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  • slump test appratus

    Slump Test Apparatus

    • Slump test apparatus as per IS: 7320-1974
    • The apparatus consists of one slump cone with handle and foot pieces .
    • The slump cone has internal dimensions 20 mm dia at base 10 cm top and 30 cm height.
    • Foot pieces can be fixed to the clamps on the base plate. The base plate has lifting handle for easy transportation
    • one graduated steel rod 16 mm dia x 600 mm long rounded at one end and graduated from 0 to 15 cm in 0.5 cm spacing to measure the slump.
    • CTM machine capacity is available in hand operated model:
    • 250 KN, 500 kn, 1000 KN, 2000 KN is also available in with poly hydro pump unit.
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