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  • vicat needle

    Vicat Needle Apparatus

    • As Per IS:5513-1876 for determination of consistency of standard cement paste and initial and final setting times of cement.A frame with vertically move able rod having a cap at the vicat mold in the form of frustum of a cone with internal diameter of 60 mm at the top, 70 mm at the bottom and a height of 40 mm. Glass base plates for the mold. Initial setting time needle. Final setting time Needle. Consistency plunger.
    • The apparatus comprises the following:
    • Standard permeability cell made of brass, 12.5 mm inside dia with one perforated metal disc and one plunger.
    • A U-tube glass manometer with rubber coupling for permeability cell, mounted on a wooden stand .
    • Latex rubber tubing, 20c m long
    • Filter paper discs
    • 250 ml dibutyl phthalate liquid.
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